Sunday, March 19, 2017

This is from 2012

My scissors are skillbased 
Open and closed 
To the cuts on my fingertips 
Arrows pointing directly to the thoughts I can't address 
at least in the formal sense 
Static and sticking 
To the bottom of my shoe 
Where the gum used to be 
And I lift my dress 
And I left my dress 
Wrinkled on the floor 
How times a week do we change our underwear? 
How many times a week do I change myself? 
Should I change the fact
that I laugh too loud 
that I laughed at your friend's mistake 
that I forgot to pick up my mouthguard 
that I forgot to buy deodorant 
Maybe I'll get around to it today 
Or maybe I could go for a more natural scent 
Potpourri in my sock drawer 
Just like grandmother 
Or maybe I'll pick up my secret scented cocoa butter 
While I wait in line to buy yet another can of soup. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

i guess so

Merry christmas,
                  I had sex with a prostitute all night long, I hope it makes you hate me.

from the carton

" From the carton"

i like to participate in babe talk

           i like the milk cause it's cold

                                                should i make you want me ?

                          the record doesn't stay straight.

words that begin with j

I could use another fantasy.

we drove past the west Oakland bart while you argued the true meaning of a boocockie
you think it's Japanese

there are some bodies i wish i knew in real life

someone told me you can't dream about people you have never seen in real life


one word answers
i already know what your thinking but maybe i can get you to change your mind.

the daydreams of my alter egos
can't prevent my heart from dropping on the floor

when i hear your name
unsatisfied with the outcome
no one can get hurt
she let me stab the balloons
i thought you stopped caring

i stole a copy of your bands cd
i think you wanted us to take them

eating a club sandwich in a brand new suv

you seem like a breakfast kind of guy

i don't like to wake up early everyday
bad habits and sugar rinsed teeth
clementines with seeds
and i recognize your drunken smile

how do you tell the people you think are cute, that they are cute?

just because your wearing an army jacket doesn't mean your a solider
obligations are subjective
maybe i can't tell what your eyes look like
hours wasted on a mystery


trying to write something
aka watch gossip girl and eat secret pizza
sometimes you gotta grow up and buy your own drugs.

female social pressures

stretch you out

i've never seen you eat.

i drew you a suggestion box
a symbol of ignored intentions
the candle burns at both ends
and the wax melts all over your little black velvet number

reality of disease

stop clenching your skeleton
it stays in your bones

she thinks she needs a fresh wardrobe
i see in her eyes she's not listening
not interesting or exciting
i think about things that eat me up.

she stings deeper.
just on the reality tip
my thumb is a royal flush

i remember you because i hate you.
don't think you can judge me in your crocs.

a good log

i really could not eat a brain
sometimes she gags from it
don't serve it to me in patty form
a fair disguise
captail P for Punishment
the relish on your sandwich could suffice
I ordered a hot pink bagel
pretending to eat is harder than you think

cooool dude
i never thought i'd be wearing running shoes

Thursday, October 2, 2014


As the Moon Rises.
the surface of skin is illuminated
Invite her into your crawlspace
She’ll show you if you ask 
Fall in love with the night,
didn't realize xanax was a palindrome 
it isn’t just a phase anymore.